Album "Romantico del son"

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Album Romantico del son

The album “Romántico del Son” (2020) is a production by Juston Suarez, the result of years of work traveling the path of traditional Cuban music. The album was recorded in the city of Havana, Cuba, mixed and mastered in Hamburg, Germany. The ten songs that shape this album were written and produced by Juston Suarez during a deeply emotional stage of his life, where the loss of his sister Estrella coexists in his compositions, who had left Cuba with him with the shared dream of carrying his music to the world and the meeting with his great love Katja who would become the inspiring muse of several songs. In this album Juston is accompanied by "Son All Star" a respected selection of Cuban musicians among which are the great tres player Juan de la Cruz Antomarchi Padilla "Coto", the bassist Ernesto Reyes "Palma" and the prominent violinist Hugo Cruz Orbo
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Album "Ritmos y colores"

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Album Ritmos y colores

The album “Ritmos y Colores“ (2013) represents the cuban and caribbean roots of the compositor and singer Juston Suarez. The album the result of years of intense work and creativity. The compositions merge various styles among which are son, bachata, cha cha cha, rumba, salsa, rap, reggae and ballad. Ritmos y Colores was a true musical adventure thanks to the collaboration of great artists such as Tony Martinez of Cuban Power, Roman Dias Anaya, Leandro Saint Hill, Ricardo Alvarez, Omar Rodriguez Calvo and Reghuel Reinoso among others, who have joined the recording sessions in Cuba, Peru, Germany, Switzerland and the United States. Juston Suarez invites us to enjoy rhythms full of passion and joy, to get excited with romantic songs and to reflect through his lyrics of high social commitment.
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